"Possibilities are Endless"

In high school I was in every single club you could imagine, I was a swimmer, played soccer.

I just never felt like I really fit in and I started hanging out with, like, the wrong crowd. Like, let’s go smoke pot. It progressed on to like doing cocaine, and then I started using opiates. And then I just let everything go.

I was just caught in a trap.

All I was doing was selling drugs, buying drugs, doing drugs.

I had gone that far down on the scale of life, that that’s who I was.

That's when I arrived at Narconon.

The programme gave me my entire life back.

Piece by piece, through every step of the programme, I gained a little piece that I had been missing. And then, I realized the damage that I created in my past and it was solely because of the decisions I was making.

It was like a huge turning point.

The possibilities are endless, you know, the options I have in life are endless.

Nothing could get in my way from taking on life.

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