"Tenacity to Take on Life"

Going through college, there's you know, fraternity and sorority parties and things like that.

You drink, like alcohol gets involved.

Somewhere along the line cocaine was introduced.

It first started with a once-in-a-while, at a party. Next thing, you know, I was turning to cocaine to actually maintain my schedule, keep myself awake, go to school all day, go to the after-school programme and work, and then come home and need a way to stay awake so I could keep up with my studies.

I also then started to drink alcohol on a daily basis.

I was drinking maybe a bottle of whiskey a day.

What I started was to get through school, and it ended up, I was failing out of school.

At that point it was like, gig's up. My dad called Narconon. 12 hours later, I was there.

While I was going through, something like really clicked for me, realizing and feeling that I am in control. It was actually empowering.

Since I've completed the programme, I have gone back to school and finished my degree and graduated with straight As both semesters, while I was also working. And I did it on my own.

Narconon gave me this tenacity to attack life.

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