"Finding Myself Again"

The town I grew up in actually was a dry town. There was no alcohol sold in my town. So it wasn’t till I went to college and I joined a fraternity that I discovered alcohol and I started drinking heavily. And at the time it was what everyone did.

And then in law school, my college habits persisted but it started becoming an isolation coping mechanism for me.

I finished law school and I, you know, tried to get my career started and get going.

Every night I would drink a fifth of scotch or whiskey.

I would go to work and try to hide it and try to look sober.

The toxic mix of antidepressants and alcohol in my body was—I mean it was destroying my mind.

My mom said, you know, "We found a place for you to go."

It turned out to be Narconon.

It brought me from a very dark place, finding myself again and really discovering what's wonderful in life.

Just having the energy to really do great things every day. You know, that, it wasn’t like that before.

I have a purpose, I have a passion.

I’ve got a fulfilling, meaningful, engaging and productive life because of Narconon.

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