"Have My Family Again"

When I was in high school we would go to parties on the weekends, smoke weed, cocaine here and there. I graduated high school, I got pregnant with my daughter. My boyfriend, at the time, got in a really bad quad accident, which led to using drugs as a solution to being a single mom.

I started using OxyContin, which eventually led to methamphetamines and then heroin. I got sucked in deeper and deeper.

I don’t feel I had any control of my life. What had control of me was the heroin and the meth, and that was it.

My worst day on drugs I was at the park with my daughter all I was worried about was getting high. I was choosing this substance over this little girl that loved me more than life itself.

That was when I ended up coming to Narconon.

After the programme, I was healthy, I was glowing, I had a real smile.

It taught me why I was relying on drugs, what I was running away from.

And I actually was able to fully handle why I was using.

I have my daughter back and a year and a half-year old little boy as well.

I have the relationships with my family, that I never even had before Narconon.

It gave me my life back 100%.

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