10 Facts About Marijuana

Do you really know how to answer your children’s questions about marijuana?

Get straight facts on marijuana

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As public perception of the dangers of marijuana decrease, more young people have begun experimenting with the drug. But the abuse of marijuana commonly leads to the abuse of other, stronger drugs and there is a much greater chance of addiction when use starts in the teens.

To help parents educate and protect their children from abusing a drug that might seem harmless but is anything but, the drug education booklet 10 Things Parents May Not Know about Marijuana was created. Parents can use this booklet to update their own knowledge of the dangers of marijuana abuse and then turn around and explain the marijuana facts to their children.

Included in this booklet:

  • Marijuana has proven to lower a person’s ability to learn and succeed.
  • Residual toxins from marijuana can stay in the body for years.
  • Marijuana is far more potent than a few decades ago.
  • Marijuana use results in higher levels of risky behaviour, like driving while intoxicated or having unprotected sex.

Most people may not be sure how dangerous it is for their children to use marijuana. Recent research has added knowledge on its real dangers, such as a risk of serious, even fatal heart problems in otherwise healthy, young marijuana users.

Today’s marijuana (especially supplies grown for medical dispensaries) is so strong that some people are suffering severe mental effects, including psychotic episodes that have resulted in suicide or homicide. It has never been more important to correctly educate your children on this drug.

Download this free booklet now and start having dinner-table conversations with your children. Give them one fact at a time and let them ask questions. By gradually increasing their understanding of the problems that result from marijuana use, they can make up their own minds to stay sober when someone offers them pot.

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