Accurate Drug Information is Key to Preventing Drug Use and Abuse

“Just one tablet can’t hurt.”

Yet there are news reports of healthy teenagers and young adults who have died after taking just one tablet.

“Marijuana is harmless.”

Yet studies show that long-term use of marijuana can lead to memory loss, respiratory and immune system problems.

This kind of false information about drugs gets passed from person to person and weaves its way into our society. And then one night it’s your child that is rushed to the ER after taking a drug she thought was safe.

Arm yourself with information: educate yourself about the signs, symptoms and side effects of all the drugs.

We know for a fact that accurate information about the signs, symptoms and side effects of drugs is the key to drug prevention and successful recovery from addiction. We’ve seen the remarkable response to this information from the kids who attend our Narconon drug education presentations and the students who go through our drug rehabilitation program.

The info provided on these pages is a comprehensive resource of accurate drug information. Each section provides information on the history, signs & symptoms, and the effects of these various drugs.

Drug Information

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