Overcoming Cocaine

It started out as recreational drinking, cocaine, speed.

When I went to Cornell, I was doing well in college, I was a 3.8. Finished my Bachelors, went on to do my first Masters. I was still drinking, doing cocaine, Adderall.

Finished my second Masters. I worked for a defence contractor. I was a functioning addict, I functioned in my job, but I wasn't free, I wasn't happy.

My heroin and crack cocaine habit turned into about a 1,000 dollars a day.

Now I was making 6 figures, but do the maths and something is going to fail.

That's when we found Narconon.

It gave me a clarity, total clarity. Thoughts just came to me right like that.

I’ve really done a lot of personal growth since I completed the programme.

My relationship with my parents today is spectacular. We're closer than we've ever been before.

Narconon gave me my life back.

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