A new focus and view on life because of Narconon

My story with drugs begins with marijuana. Moving to England at the age of twelve, I had a hard time fitting in. The closest friends I could find at the time were a group of marijuana smokers. They offered me some and to be friends with them I smoked it.

I had to drop out of high school because of my drug use.

And eventually it just got worse and worse. I told myself, “I’ll probably never do crystal meth.” And then when I got to tablets and Diazepams, Lorazepams, stealing my grandmother’s medications and stuff.

I just told myself, “Ah, maybe I’m—I’ll never do heroin.” But eventually it just wasn’t enough for me—the highs was not enough for me. And it got to a point where I was addicted to heroin and crack cocaine and I had been abusing those drugs, before I came here for the past eight years.

I knew I needed treatment, I needed to go to a—I needed to find myself a decent rehab center. I ask my mom for help.

She asked around to her friends in Nepal, and through word of mouth I guess, my mother just heard about Narconon Nepal and told my father about it, and here I am.

After I had done the [New Life Detoxification Program], I felt like such a complete new person. Just knowing the fact that there are no more drug residues in my body, it was—it was an amazing feeling. Being able to wake up at the correct time in the morning, being able to sleep at night, without any assists, any medication. Everything was really great for me.

My health was in tiptop condition. And not just the physical aspect of it, the mental aspect of it as well. I mean, it was like I had a new perspective on life.

The Life Skills courses gave me the ability to know people, to understand people a lot more than I had understood people in the past. I did not know what a social personality or an anti-social personality was in my life before. And I honestly thought my parents wanted the worst for me and my dealer friends and, you know, my associated drug user friends, they were my true friends. They were the ones who were giving me drugs and I thought to myself, “Wow, these guys are actually saving my life.”

And, well, after doing the course, now I know, they were secretly out there to destroy me instead of helping me. Now it’s just made me more able to pay attention to the minor details in life. And it’s like I’ve got this new focus and view on life because of Narconon.

I’ve got this whole new drive and this determination on me that if I want something done, I will do it myself.

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