What You Can Do About Inhalant Abuse

There’s a reason that inhalant abuse should perhaps scare parents more than any other type of substance abuse. That’s because the substances to be abused are so incredibly available. Any house, almost any business, any office supply or building supply store has plenty of inhalants readily available.

Inhalant Spray

It’s just about impossible to hide all the inhalants from children. And it is usually children who abuse these toxic substances. These substances are not only serious intoxicants, they are also addictive and can be fatal.

Imagine if heroin were that available. There would be bags of heroin in your kitchen, a box of heroin in your garage and syringes full of heroin under the bathroom sink.

A young person who wants to abuse inhalants can find them anywhere. That’s why education has to play such a large role in the prevention of this problem. By the time they are in eighth grade, about one in five children has tried an inhalant at least once.

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