Parents of Narconon Graduate
Jeff and Pam G.

Jeff: My son took us on quite a ride. A ride I never want to experience again in my life.

Pam: My son was a very bad addict for probably—at least ten years, and he tried many, many, many rehabs with no successful results at all.

Jeff: He was in and out of seven rehabs, relapsed almost immediately after he got out of rehab.

Pam: He was the lowest of the low. He couldn’t hold a job. He was in jail. I worried about him every day that that might be the last day.

Jeff: We got a phone call from him telling us that he was in a hotel. This was not a hotel, this was just a place filled with addicts. He told me that he owed his dealer money and the dealer had a gun to his head. That scared Jason.

And we were at that point—that’s when I started to investigate non-12-step programs because I figured I’m going to give him one last chance.

Pam: As soon as he went to the Narconon program, everything changed. His behavior changed, his attitudes changed. He went from being a master manipulator and liar to not doing any of that anymore. The sauna program [New Life Detox] stopped all of his cravings where he said he always would relapse in the other programs because the cravings were so bad. And the sauna took care of all of those cravings. He said he could actually even feel the drugs, the individual drugs that he used to take, coming out of his body. He could feel the difference.

Jeff: They educated him on how to avoid being in contact with people that might influence him to make these poor choices. And I like that whole concept of taking responsibility for his actions rather than saying it’s a disease and I’m helpless.

When Jason came out of the Narconon program he was completely changed. He was back to the person that he was before he was an addict, which was really a good person. And I attribute this to the Narconon program because nothing else worked. Now he’s a normal person with a normal job and we have a great relationship.

Pam: We speak to him probably every day, we see him a lot. I love being with him. Everybody in the family has welcomed him back into the fold.

Jeff: He loves what he’s doing. He is passing this forward—helping other people because he really believes strongly in the Narconon program. It helped him and he wants it to help other people.

Pam: Jason has been clean for five years and they have been five amazing, wonderful years. And so Narconon has definitely saved his life.

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