Grandmother of Narconon Graduate
Sandy W.

My granddaughter was such a happy-go-lucky child. She was vivacious and very popular. And we began to notice a change in her and she just seemed to be tired all the time. She didn’t really want to participate in, in what, you know, the family wanted to do, which is kind of typical for teenagers. But, the tiredness, I just didn’t understand and I even mentioned it to her mother, “Why is this child so tired? I’m an old lady and I’m not that tired.” I just couldn’t understand it, you know.

She began to do heroin. And at some point her mother became aware of it. And she took her to the doctor and the doctor prescribed something to try to help her get through this, to get over the heroin. And one morning she did, well in fact, it was the next morning. She decided that this medication would work faster and better if she injected it instead of taking it orally, like she was supposed to. And this nearly caused her death.

I came right away. And we spent the entire day on the telephone and on the computer, trying to find some place that would help her. And one of the places that we called was Narconon.

And that was the beginning of such a success story, you cannot imagine.

My granddaughter became a totally different person than what she was when she came to Narconon. And she just had this sense about her that she wanted to help everybody, you know. It just did so much for her.

It’s just utter joy. There’s just no other way to describe it. I mean you, you love your grandchildren but when they’ve gone through something like this and they’ve absolutely hit the bottom, and they’re able to come back up. She’s great. She’s absolutely great.

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